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5 Reasons I love Small Group Tours

Why Choose ASnowshoe Small Group Adventure Tour Small Group Adventure Tour for Travel?

There is something about getting out of your comfort zone and setting out on an epic journey. And if you are a regular group traveler, you must be well aware of how rewarding it can be to surround yourself with fellow adventures. From meeting new people to saving money, there’s a lot to love about small group tours. Here at Timberline, we offer a wide variety of challenging adventure tours catered to active adults. We are famous for finding the real gems for our unique adventures. If you’re still not convinced, then here are 5 great reasons why you should choose a small group adventure tour over solo travel.

Great Company

Traveling solo can be great, but it can also be lonely. With small group adventure tours, you can still enjoy the freedom and flexibility of independent travel but also have the luxury of seeking other people’s company when you might otherwise be feeling lonely. Small group tours are a great way of making new friends. After all, shared interests and experiences tend to bond people together pretty fast, whether you are snowshoeing the unique and extensive trails of Yellowstone National Park or cycling the famed Overseas Highway from Key Largo. Sometimes, the people you meet along the way will become lifelong friends.

Stay Safe and Healthy

As the pandemic continues to stay with us, many people are looking ahead to the summer months and beyond and wondering, “Should I think about booking a trip for a future date right now?”

A good group tour company will manage all the logistics for you, looking at the best places and amenities that take precautions seriously. Choosing a small group adventure tour company with a track record of running successful tours during these challenging times, with written procedures on reducing your risks while on tour, and a flexible cancellation policy will put your mind at ease. Timberline Adventures can provide you with all of these. While some of your travel plans have been on hold, your dreams don’t have to be.

Hassle-free Travels

Being an independent traveler can prove stressful and overwhelming, especially if the place you are visiting is completely unfamiliar to you. Small group adventure tours are less stressful as you will always have a fun & knowledgeable tour guide by your side, guiding you through all the must-see places (and the hidden gems along the way!). You can learn a lot from your guide & have their advice, help and guidance throughout the trip. You don’t have to worry about the logistical details like transportation, accommodations, and meals. Our experts have you covered.

Value for your Money

Price is often the first thing people compare when looking at different tour companies. A big discrepancy between tour companies lies in what is actually included in the price. Our tours include meals, accommodations, transportation, guides, entrance fees, and maps. Being knowledgeable about what is included in your tour will help eliminate surprise costs. Once you’ve booked your trip with us, all you need to do is pack your bag and get to the starting line!

Boost of Confidence

Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, joining a group tour is the perfect solution to give you the confidence and security to find your adventure and reach goals you never thought possible.  A Timberline adventure starts with coaching before the tour to help select the right tour and prepare for it. During the tour, two guides are available to cater to different guests’ needs. And our signature is taking people a little bit beyond their comfort zone for achievements that boost you up and send you on the path to further successes.  No need to defer your adventure dreams because the task seems daunting – let us show you what you can accomplish.

Our expert Tour Guides don’t just develop a tour; they create an avenue where travelers can absorb the unparalleled sites you’ve dreamed about visiting. We provide our travelers with exceptional knowledge, warmth, adventure and comfort as you become immersed in a new destination, making sure you don’t miss a single thing!

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