Columbia River Gorge


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Includes all lodging, all meals, Timberline van shuttles, leaders, trail maps and narratives.

Assembly Point

Portland, OR

Timberline van shuttle is included from Portland to Cascade Locks prior to tour and from Mt. Hood to Portland following tour.

Not included: Airline service to Portland International Airport; Guide Gratuity.

Meeting Time

Hotel 8:30 am

Drop-off Time

4 pm

“Excellent variety of hikes.  Hikers of various speeds were accommodated very well.” Columbia River Gorge hiker

Experience the Trip of a Lifetime

In 2013 National Geographic named Timberline’s Columbia River Gorge hiking tour a “Trip of a Lifetime.” We are proud to receive some recognition for our design of this exceptional tour. The historical role of the Columbia River Gorge in the westward expansion of our country was profound. Early explorers probed the mouth of the Columbia near present-day Astoria where the mighty river poured into the Pacific. Dreams of a water passage across the mountains to the Pacific lingered into the early years of the 19th century—a dream still cherished by Thomas Jefferson as he commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Country.

History of the Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia Gorge was the corridor through which Lewis and Clark traveled to reach the Pacific and the avenue by which they began their long journey home. Even though the expedition finally ended hopes of an all-water route across the continent, the information they gathered and documented, along with their reports and illustrations of the vast resources of the Pacific Northwest provided the inspiration for the tide of western expansion and settlement that followed. By the mid-19th century, almost 12,000 pioneers had migrated to the Oregon Territory.

Columbia River Gorge Hikes

The Columbia River Gorge also is a geologic wonder and its landscape truly reflects the power of nature. For millions of years, hundreds of erupting volcanoes frequently altered the course of the Columbia River, ultimately creating one of the few canyons in the world-oriented in an east-west direction. Near the end of the last Ice Age, the massive Missoula Floods swept across eastern Washington, scouring cliffs high above the river bed, creating one of the world’s greatest concentrations of waterfalls from tributaries left hanging above the river.  In September 2017 a massive forest fire in the waterfall area transformed the valley.  But after 40 months* of careful management, the trail has reopened to spectacular new views and an up-close look at the quick regeneration of the forest.

*In Timberline’s 40th anniversary year, we are celebrating all things 40!

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Day 1Group assembles in Portland; Cape Horn trail7
Day 2Eagle Creek Trail8
Day 3The Falls of the Columbia Gorge: Latourell, Wahkeena, Horsetail, Multnomah10
Day 4Beacon Rock State Park—hike Hamilton Mountain8
Day 5Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain7
Day 6Tamanawas Falls; van shuttle to Portland4

Total Distance: 44 - 50 miles

Columbia River Gorge


(Contact Us to Request Dates)