Big Bend National Park Hiking Tour

March 24 - 29, 2024

(6 days, 5 nights; Sun - Fri)

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Includes all lodging, all meals, full-day raft/canoe program, park entrance fees, van shuttle between Midland and Big Bend, leaders, trail maps & narratives.

Assembly Point

Midland, TX

Timberline van shuttle is provided between Midland and Big Bend N.P. prior to and following tour.

Not included: Airline service to Midland International Air and Space Port, TX, Guide Gratuity.

Meeting Time

Hotel: 8 am

Drop-off Time

6 pm

“I have long wanted to travel here, but knowing of its remoteness and lack of a central feature (like a lake or canyon), I was unsure of what to expect. This trip brought out the best of the park, in terms of beauty, views, and uniqueness.  I would have loved another 6 days!” Matt M.

Join Our Big Bend National Park Hiking Tour

Nestled in the southwest corner of Texas, Big Bend National Park is situated along a 107-mile stretch of the Rio Grande, including the point where the river turns sharply to the north (hence, its name, “Big Bend”). This section of the Rio Grande is protected as a Wild and Scenic River and the spectacular limestone gorges through which the river flows are among the astonishing, varied natural features contained within the park’s boundaries. The vast Chihuahuan Desert, extending northward from Mexico, dominates a considerable expanse of the park, but standing in stark contrast to the desert lowlands are the rugged, forested Chisos Mountains, whose peaks approach an elevation of 8,000′. Without a doubt, Big Bend offers some of the wildest and unspoiled land remaining in the “lower 48”. This is the setting for our Big Bend National Park Hiking Tour.

Spring is an exciting season in this desert environment and one of the best times to visit this park. With an estimated 1,100 plant species, 450 species of birds and a wide range of other wildlife, including gray fox, Mexican black bear, mountain lion, and mule deer, Big Bend National Park is alive with activity, but still offers comfortable temperatures for exploration.

Experience the Chihuahuan Desert Landscapes

We’ve structured this hiking trip in a manner that will provide the varied experiences that are the essence of Big Bend National Park. We’ll hike the high country of the Chisos, explore the dramatic landscapes shaped by erosion, experience the Chihuahuan Desert environment, and enjoy the breathtaking gorges carved by the Rio Grande.  A boating journey on the Rio Grande within the park is another bonus feature of this program.

See Our Detailed Big Bend Tour Itinerary Here!

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Day 1The Windows Trail. (approx 500 ft elevation gain),5
Day 2Mule Ears Peaks, Santa Elena Canyon 9
Day 3Lost Mine, (1,100-foot elevation gain), overnight at Chisos Mountain Lodge7
Day 4Raft Trip (or canoe in low-water conditions)
Day 5The South Rim Loop: Pinnacles, Boot Canyon, Northeast/Southeast Rims, South Rim, Laguna Meadow (approx 2,000-ft elevation gain)13
Day 6Burro Mesa Pour-off (approx 500-foot elevation differential) , return to Midland4

Total Distance: 38 miles

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Big Bend National Park Hiking Tour

March 24 - 29, 2024

(6 days, 5 nights; Sun - Fri)