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How Active Adventurers, Hiking Vacations and Supported Cycling Tours are Making a Big Impact on the Economy

Tax refund season is upon us, and yes, the thought of organizing your finances might be overwhelming.  Likewise, Americans are either feeling anxious or rejoicing from their treasure at the end of the rainbow.  No matter how big or small your tax refund ends up being this year, it’s a perfect opportunity for a unique hiking vacation or a supported cycling tour in the great outdoors.

Hiker overlooking the mountains and lake


Hiking & cycling vacations generate substantial economic benefits for local communities.  Equally important, those seeking to roam further are increasingly seeking authentic experiences.  These resilient and committed travelers have added value in adventure vacations through learning about local communities while connecting with their core values.

Furthermore, in remote communities where travelers fuel the local economy, such as parts of Shenandoah National Park,  you will find stunning hills and forests in what some call “a living museum of rebirth and renewal.”  Join us as we discover this stunning area Virginia has to offer.  If you’d like to explore this area with us June 6 – 11, 2021, please see our detailed itinerary.

Hiking vacations and supported cycling tours are a truly unique, sustainable and ethical way to travel.  Active adventurers are often passionate and risk-taking and enjoy purposeful travel.  Also, they understand environmental impacts and also the benefits of supporting local communities.

In June, Timberline will be leading a hiking vacation where we will explore shimmering alpine lakes, wildflowers, and tumbling waterfalls on the shoulders of North America’s most famous volcano. Mt Rainier with wildflowers and snow capped mountain  Above all, Mt. Rainier stands at 14,411 feet tall and is the most heavily glaciated peak in the United States.  Here at Timberline Adventures, we will continue to invest and improve our public lands because they support us financially and mentally.  A 2019 study found the health savings associated with non-motorized trail use in Washington State is $390 million per year!

Fully supported cycling tourism is a fast-growing sector of adventure travel.

The East Coast Greenway is an effort that has attracted more than $1.5 billion in public investment.  The dream of a 3,000-mile protected biking and walking route represents a commitment to public health, environmental sustainability & economic development.  “This is an exclamation point on a transformational decade,” says Dennis Markatos-Soriano, East Coast Greenway executive director. This fall, Timberline Adventures will be cycling the entire East Coast Greenway in four segments, from Maine to Florida.  This will be the first fully supported end-to-end cycling tour of the greenway.  We are excited to make positive impacts on the environment and connect communities along the way.

It is important to remember, public land adventures charge more than your soul; they also charge up our economy.  Time outdoors can help reduce anxiety, improve mental health, and strengthen physical health.  If you’re eager to get back out in the world again, join us as we continue to support the lands we all love.