Travel feels good; Traveling green feels great!

When you’re planning your next adventure, don’t forget to take a few minutes to plan how you can travel a little more sustainably. Leaving a smaller footprint is probably easier than you think. And once you implement a few of these waste management strategies, it’ll become second-nature and oh so easy.

Did you know that here at Timberline Adventures, we are doing our part to bring you a more sustainable adventure? We supply you with both a collapsible water bottle and a reusable lunch container. They are essential tools when you’re out on the road or trail, and, they make a great trip souvenir to use when you return home.

Here’s 3 Easy Hacks for Greener Travel

Travel with a water bottle: From the moment you arrive at the airport, the odds are stacked against you because you can’t clear security with a bottle full of water. What to do? My favorite hack is to leave home with an EMPTY water bottle. Once I’m through security, I can fill my bottle at a fountain. Not only does this keep one more plastic bottle out of the landfill, it also saves me several dollars. I am a fan of collapsible water bottles because when they are empty, they don’t take up any space.

Travel with a plastic or canvas bag: No matter what your agenda, it seems you always need a bag to throw “stuff” in. Stuff can be defined as groceries or snacks, sunscreen, a book and a towel, souvenirs, a few cold beers, dirty clothes, muddy shoes, etc. I like to travel with lightweight bags that stuff into an integrated pocket; they’re small enough to tuck into my pocket when empty and they don’t weigh anything.

Travel with an insulated travel mug: Full confession – I’m a coffee addict. I usually travel with a Melita, filters, ground coffee, and an insulated coffee mug. I know it’s crazy, but when I wake up, I want a steaming cup of coffee. Especially when I’m on vacation! My coffee kit and mug come in handy whether I am brewing my own at the hotel or stopping at a coffee shop. It’s no problem to get my cup rinsed and refilled, and my coffee tastes so much better when it’s not in a paper cup.

 Here are 3 more easy hacks for bonus points.

Pack a lunch (or dinner): Have you ever noticed how much waste is generated by a single takeout meal at the airport? Plastic bowls, straws, boxes, paper, and so on. And worse, the food  isn’t great. Try packing a lunch (or dinner) to eat at the airport or on the plane. You’ll likely enjoy the food more, and you can manage the waste by packing your goodies in plastic containers or wrapping them in foil.

Take a plastic container or reusable baggies: If you take your own food to the airport, you’ll likely have these containers on hand to use and reuse at your destination. They come in handy when you want to pack food for the road or for carrying leftovers out of a restaurant.

Take public transportation to and from the airport. If you are lucky enough to live in a place where this is an option, embrace it. It may take a few more minutes, but it’s a huge stress reducer and it will save you money.

Being green is easier than you think, and even if you adopt just one of these behaviors, you will indeed be making a difference.

See you at the water fountain!