Los Picos de Europa, Spain Hiking Odyssey


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Includes all lodging, all meals but one, transportation within Spain, park entrance fees, leaders, local guide, trail maps and narratives.

Assembly Point

Bilbao, Spain

Timberline van will transfer guests from the hotel in Bilbao to the start of the tour, and return to the hotel.

Not included: Airline service to Bilbao Airport; one dinner in Potes; Guide Gratuity.

Meeting Time

Hotel 8:00 am

Drop-off Time

6 pm

This tour ran in September of 2022.  It is now available as a custom tour with as few as 6 guests.  Please call the office if you would like to discuss possible dates:  303-664-8388

“My tour was incredible, partly because you had the foresight and wisdom to partner with a local guide, who made all the difference.  He was informative and helpful and I learned so much.” International hiker

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Many people would guess that the most mountainous European country is Switzerland, but did you know the second most mountainous is Spain?  Numerous mountain chains stretch across the country, creating more wilderness than in any other country in Europe. A small mountain range in the north of Spain became the country’s first national park, and this is our destination for our 2022 (delayed from 2020) International Hiking Odyssey.

Hike Through Los Picos de Europa

The mountains are rugged.  Easy passage through the areas has never been found, thus development has always been restricted.  Isolated valleys and steep gorges make for a jagged landscape which protects flora and fauna.  Los Picos harbor the Cantabrian Bear, Iberian wolves and the majestic Chamois. Wild boar, dear, badgers, mountain cats, beech martins, red squirrels, genets, vultures and eagles are also typical of the area.  The mountains are also home to a number of wild horses called Asturcones which have been around since Roman times.

Our treks will carry us through spectacular gorges, past high mountain refugios, among the snow covered peaks towering above 1500 meters, past deep mountain lakes that reflect the undeniable beauty, and across high mountain meadows where the wildlife happily plays, oblivious to their human observers.  The tour spends time in all three of the massifs of the park, and features a layover day in Potes. This Cantabrian village sports 13th century buildings and a picturesque river running through the middle, making a delightful place for a relaxing day.

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Day 1pickup at Bilbao, transfer to Comillas, hike a section of El Camino del Norte, overnight in Congas de Onis8 km
Day 2Hike to Mirador de Ordiales and Cotalba Peak at Covadonga Lakes17 km
Day 3Hike from Bulnes to Sotres12 km
Day 4Hike from Sotres into Central Massif, overnight in refugio10 km
Day 5Horcados Rojos - Fuente De – overnight Potes16 km
Day 6Layover in Potes
Day 7Brez Canal South6 km
Day 8Cares Gorge10 km
Day 9Urdon Gorge, return to Bilbao6 km

Total Distance: 85 km miles

Los Picos de Europa, Spain Hiking Odyssey


(Contact Us to Request Dates)