Top Cycling Destinations In the US

As the world continues to process the new normals from the outbreak of COVID19, travel plans have continued to alter and shift. Now more than ever, people are looking to local destinations to feed their wanderlust and hunger for adventure. With your potential new favorite spot being a road trip away, we’re helping you find your next getaway. As cyclists, it can be tough to find the right destination that can really accommodate the ride you’re looking for while still providing some amazing views. To make it easier, we went ahead and selected a handful of our top cycling destinations in the US for you to give a try this summer.

Bend, Oregon 

Only a few hours from biker-friendly Portland, this Oregon getaway is the perfect playground for cyclists. Not only is the scenery breathtaking, but the options for other outdoor recreation is aplenty. Take off for a morning ride and spend your afternoon unwinding at the numerous breweries and food trucks around town. If your adventures don’t stop at cycling, this is the destination for you.

Boulder, CO

If you’re looking to escape to the Rockies, consider Boulder, Colorado on your next cycling stop. Another major biker-friendly city, the town is riddled with local bike shops to get any fixings you may need. With quick access to the mountains, this location is perfect for altitude training, which is why so many pro athletes have called it home base for years. 

Moab, UT

Calling all risk takers. Moab is the cycling destination for our technical, mountain bike loving friends. Best known for its Slickrock Bike Trail and incredible views of Utah, this destination has a thriving cycling culture with both steep singletrack and downhill options. 

Santa Barbara, CA

Explore the California coast on two wheels, with the gorgeous home base of Santa Barbara. Not only will you enjoy the beautiful beach breezes, but the nearby mountains will also make for a widely diverse cycling itinerary. Enjoy a casual coast ride or a climb up Gibraltar Road. Buckling up for a longer journey? Nearby coastal towns like Santa Monica allow for endless adventure down the Pacific Coast Highway. Check out our self-guided itinerary for this destination here

Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

Scrolling for an east coast location? We got you! Blue Ridge Parkway is a must ride for any cycling enthusiast. The path winds along the peaks of Blue Ridge from Shenandoah to the Great Smoky Mountains. With over 400 miles of scenic rides, this itinerary is a jaw dropper. This is one of our absolute favorite rides for a reason, check out our itinerary here.

Katy Trail, MO

Don’t worry, the Midwest gets some love, too. The Katy Trail runs over 200 miles through Missouri countryside, stretching primarily on flat terrain past bluffs, farmland, and vineyards. This steady, peaceful ride offers plenty of options for rest and refuel along the way, this historical trail is perfect for your tried and true road biking lovers. Bonus – we just added an itinerary for a 2021 ride, check it out today.

Great Lakes of Michigan

Traverse City, MI

Stop everything you’re doing and add Great Lakes Cycling to your summer bucket list. The Lakes of Michigan are already a staple in the summer, but the rides between them are just as spectacular. Enjoy the rolling hills, windswept dunes, and lakeside breezes as you pass from city to city. Top off your cycling itinerary with a jaunt around Mackinac Island, where bikes are the primary means of transportation and relaxation awaits. Check out our Michigan itinerary here