Grand Canyon Hiking Tips

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Remember These Grand Canyon Tips:

Things we really want you to do or remember (in no particular order of importance): Trust us on these items – they have been culled from the cumulative miseries of those who have gone to the Grand Canyon before you. 

  1. As soon as you feel a hot spot – STOP! Use duct tape or moleskin. 
  2. Always fill water bottles before we go to any trailhead 
  3. Clip your toenails so they do not protrude over your toes – as short as possible. 
  4. Have some socks with you that are thinner than you think you might need. Feet can swell! 
  5. Muscle pain will not kill you. Ibuprofen and a good nights rest works wonders. The next day something different will hurt. 
  6. If you wear contacts bring your regular glasses – Canyons can be hot, dry, dusty and windy. 
  7. The luggage you bring on tour remains locked in the van (or trailer) while we go to Phantom Ranch and Supai (i.e. we only carry day packs) 

Grand Canyon Packing List (less is best!) 

  1. Rain shell 
  2. Extra pair of shorts 
  3. One extra pair of socks 
  4. One long sleeve shirt – it can get cool at night 
  5. An extra t-shirt; an exclusive Phantom Ranch t-shirt can be purchased at the Ranch 
  6. Toiletries. Soap is available at Phantom Ranch 
  7. Sun glasses, sunscreen and a hat 
  8. Small first aid kit and any medications you might need 
  9. A book to read (optional) 
  10. Flashlight or headlamp 

Havasu Packing List

Take the same items as above plus 

a) another pair of shorts and another t-shirt 

b) swim suit 

c) tevas, aqua socks or any other type of lightweight shoes suitable for wading in water 

General Information 

  1. It might seem cool to cold on both rims at night and early morning. It will get hot as we descend to the canyon floor. It is often 20 degrees warmer on the canyon floor. 
  2. Bring extra plastic baggies. We have to pack out everything that we pack in to Phantom Ranch (even our dead lunches and any toilet paper used on the trail). We don’t have to pack out stuff from Havasu but baggies are still handy to keep food separate, etc. 
  3. There is one pay phone at Phantom Ranch. There is one pay phone at Havasu but sometimes is doesn’t work. There is no cell service. 
  4. Bringing alcohol onto Havasu is illegal. 
  5. It is not just on old wives tale – the Havasupai ask that you do not take their pictures or their children’s pictures without first asking their permission. 

Download the PDF. View our other hiking trips here!

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