Cold Weather Cycling

Wintry weather has arrived, so it’s time to put away the bicycles and hunker down with a mug of hot chocolate and an extra blanket, right?  Not true, says Barbara Hoyt, owner of Timberline Adventures.  Cold weather cycling can be just as satisfying as in the summertime, if you are prepared correctly.  Most experts agree that the key is layering to keep warm, and there are countless articles that will direct you to expensive cold weather gear and clothing, but they aren’t all necessary.  The real key is whatever it takes to get you outside and keep you outside so you can enjoy the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and nature.  Pay attention to your hands and feet as they will get cold the fastest and force you to take shelter inside.  On a bicycle you are creating your own wind, so use gloves that have a wind proof layer and cover and insulate your feet – even a plastic bag can help, just be careful of perspiration buildup. Your body will help warm itself while you are out on the road, so start a little chilly and you will soon be just right.  Use newspaper sections to stuff under your clothes if you are colder than expected, and just a bandanna on your head will help regulate your most exposed membrane and keep your ears warm.  And don’t forget a positive attitude and a smile on your face! Now get out there and ride!!