Benefits Of Group Travel

5 Reasons Why Group Travel is The Way To Go In 2020

group of hikers on peak

Its that time of year where we’re all craving a little getaway. With so many destinations to consider and means to plan your next adventure, the task can start to feel a bit daunting. After conducting research, making reservations, and coordinating the logistics, it feels like more time was spent planning than actually traveling! There’s a simple solution to all of this: group travel. Let us open your minds to the many benefits of group travel and begin to eliminate the pains of planning.

1. Camaraderie

Studies have shown that sharing experiences makes them more enjoyable, so one of the biggest benefits to group travel is the camaraderie you build when you share your adventures with others.  Nothing brings you close to people quite like logging 50 miles of hiking or 250 miles of cycling. Exploring some of the most beautiful sights and overcoming challenges with like minded, passionate individuals is something that no price tag can cover. Many guests enjoy keeping in touch with these newfound friends,and you may even start making your next travel plans together.

2. Eliminate Stress

When it comes to planning out an extensive hike through a national park, or mapping out cycling routes in an unfamiliar place – things get complicated quickly. Without a doubt one of the easiest and most effective ways to tackle roads and trails you’ve never experienced is with the experts themselves. At Timberline Adventures, we take extensive time to scout and map out the best routes for our group travel, and we have a long history of providing top quality tours across the US and Canada. Instead of spending hours researching and planning, simply sign onto a tour and let us do the rest. We take care of all the logistics so you can show up and enjoy the beauty around every corner with the comfort of knowing you don’t have to worry about anything but the next step in front of you.

3. Make it Your Own

A huge myth with group travel is that every step will be closely monitored. Here at Timberline, we don’t operate that way. We’ll make sure you’re safe and you are where you need and want to be, but the trip is still your own! We encourage our hikers and cyclists to go at their own pace, take breaks when needed, and make the trip your own version of an ideal vacation.

4. Boost of Confidence

Many folks may be unsure of how much of an adventure to tackle, or even how to get started on travel plans.  Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, joining a group tour is the perfect solution to give you the confidence and security to find your adventure and reach goals you never thought possible.  A Timberline adventure starts with coaching before the tour to help select the right tour and prepare for it. During the tour, two guides are available to cater to different guests’ needs. And our signature is taking people a little bit beyond their comfort zone for achievements that boost you up and send you on the path to further successes.  No need to defer your adventure dreams because the task seems daunting – let us show you what you can accomplish.

5. Explore the unknown

Sure, we visit some of the most popular locations, but that is just the start.  One of the biggest advantages to traveling with Timberline Adventures is that we go deep into unexplored corners where many other companies won’t take you. You may not be familiar with many of our destinations, but we choose these places for their unique qualities. Let us help you rewrite your list of must-see places. Thinking of a trip but don’t see it on our calendar? Let us know! We love adding tours to our inventory for interested travelers!


Ready to get started? Check out our full list of cycling and hiking tours today and reap the benefits of group travel!