Booking Rates

Our starting prices are based on double occupancy in hotel rooms. Therefore, if you book for 2 people at the same time (Double Booking), you receive the best rate. If you are traveling alone you must book at the Single Booking rate and will receive your own room. If you are open to having a roommate assigned to you, and we are able to make a roommate assignment, you will be given the Roommate Rebate. This typically will happen before your final payment is due, thus the rebate will really be a discount on your cost.


HOLIDAY SPECIAL:  Book a tour for 2020 and save $150.  Use discount code HOLIDAYOffer good until December 16 and can be used on any regular full length tour (5 days or more) that begins after February 15, 2020.  (Not applicable on our International Hiking Odyssey).


Gift cards can be purchased for any amount and have no expiration date.  A gift card purchased for the entire deposit amount will equate to a booking and is eligible for any ongoing discount on tours.  We will create a booking on your preferred tour, but the recipient can then switch tours with no penalty.  An actual card will be mailed to the recipient with information on how to redeem.  

CALL 1-800-417-2453 to Purchase

Returning Guest Discount: 5% discount if you have previously completed a tour with Timberline Adventures

Frequent Traveler Discount: Additional 5% discount if you have completed at least 2 tours with Timberline Adventures and your most recent tour was within this or the previous season.

Group Discount: 5% discount for your entire group if you book 5 or more people at the same time. This can be combined with your returning guest discount, but total discount is not to exceed 10% per person.

Family Discount: For tours denoted as Family Friendly a special discount is offered. If the first two bookings are made at the full price, then the 3rd booking will get a 25% discount and the 4th booking will get a 50% discount. These prices are based on all family members sharing the same room.

Linked Tours: Sign up for two linked tours and receive free ground transportation between the tours and an additional $100 off the price of your second tour.

Referrals: Every time a returning guest refers a new guest to Timberline, the new guest will receive a 5% discount on their first tour! And to our loyal guest who made the referral? Receive a 5% discount, on top of your returning guest discount, on your next tour. Refer two new guests to Timberline and receive a 10% discount on top of your returning guest discount. And for each additional new guest you refer to Timberline, you receive a 10% discount on top of your returning guest discount, plus another $100 off.

# new guests            referring guest perk:                                                                             new guest perk:
1:                        5% + returning guest discount off your next booking                     5% off your first booking
2:                       10% + returning guest discount off your next booking                    5% off your first booking
3:                       10% + $100+returning guest discount off your next booking          5% off your first booking
4:                       10% + $200+returning guest discount off your next booking          5% off your first booking
*returning guest discount will be applied once the new guest has paid in full for the tour
**discounts not available for our hiking or cycling odysseys

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