How many staff will be assisting me?

This tour has the largest rider/staff ratio on any tour on the market.  Usually one staff for three riders, sometimes the ratio is even smaller.

Do you have SAG Stops and, if so, how often?

This tour has daily SAG Stops/SAG Check-Ins on an average of every 22 miles.  Some slightly longer; some slightly shorter.  Each rider is required to check-in at each SAG location.  This is how the tour keeps track of you the rider.

What can I find at a SAG Stop?

This tour has the very best SAG Stops on the market.  Starting off with the friendliest SAG Staff to greet you as you ride in. (By the way, the SAG Staff are past Coast 2 Coast Cross Country Bicycle Tour riders, so they understand exactly what you want and need.)  Each SAG Stop will have chairs, cold drinks, snacks, floor pumps and hand sanitizer.  All riders are required to remove cycling gloves and hand sanitize before touching anything at a SAG Stop.  Drinks will include cold water, cold soda/pop, Gator Aid, as well as non-carbonated drinks such as teas and lemonade.  Snacks include PBJ, honey, candy, cookies, fresh fruit and chips. GPS generated turn-by-turn daily route sheets will not only get you to the next location, but will also note points of interest along the way. Nightly, after dinner, a short rider meeting takes place, at which time the route sheets and information for the next day are given out.

What about meals?

This tour has a professional traveling chef who prepares freshly-made breakfasts and dinners, daily, as well as a snack in the afternoon, before dinner. Dinners will have several entrees to choose from, all freshly prepared daily. Believe me, there is no other tour on the market where you will eat better than this tour.  Most lunches are on your own, however, in the very remote areas where not food options are not available, the tour provides lunch.

Do you supply daily route sheets?

This tour offers pin-point accurate GPS generated route sheets. We hold nightly meetings to discuss the next day’s ride, as well.

Do you do our laundry?

This tour offers free laundry service TWICE a week. That is correct. We do your dirty stinky laundry free of charge TWICE a week.  No other tour on the market does that.  Do you want to do your laundry or would you rather be riding? This Cross Country Bicycle Tour believes your time on a non-riding day should not be spent doing laundry.

What do I have to do when getting into the overnight location?

On this tour, nothing.  Your bags will have been delivered, chairs are set up, snacks are available and the beer and wine are ready.  Just take your shower and enjoy the evening.  Camping nights the staff set up the tent, deliver your bags and inflate the air mattress.   Indoor camping nights, the staff will deliver your baggage and inflate your air mattress.  On hotel nights, the staff will deliver your baggage to your room.

What happens if I experience bike mechanical issues along the way?

Not a problem on this Cross Country Bicycle Tour, which has a professional bike mechanic on staff the entire time.

Are electric assist bicycles allowed?

Electric assist bikes will be allowed with a few rules.  These rules must  be followed with no exceptions.  Each electric assist bike must have enough battery to get from the starting point to ending point each day.  If that means you must carry more than one battery that is what you must do. The staff will not carry an extra battery.  If your batteries become unusable during the day it will be your responsibility to make it into camp.   The SAG Team will not SAG you into camp because you ran out of battery.  Since electric assist bikes require special/additional knowledge to work on/repair, the tours bike mechanic may not be able to fix a problem while on the road.   The tour hopes that by changing this policy will allow riders to live their dream like all the other riders.

Are other non-traditional vehicles allowed?

Tandems and recumbents are allowed.  Sorry, but tricycles cannot be accommodated.

Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

This tour offers a professional Chef who will work tirelessly to assure you will not go hungry while offering you a wide variety of freshly prepared meals.

Vegetarian meals are not a problem however you will be required to advise the Chef  in advance if you are vegetarian.  There will be no additional fees associated with a vegetarian meal plan.

If you have dietary issues/needs other than vegetarian you MUST discuss them with the Chef before registering.  There may be additional fees associated depending on those special dietary needs.

Friends and family are always welcomed to join for meals.  You will be asked to inform the Chef in advance and pay her directly for those extra meals.

Coast 2 Coast-Cross Country Bicycle Tour Chef can be contacted directly at;  anne@culinaryinsider.com.

What if I have unexpected medical issues?

In the unlikely event you have a medical issue which occurs while on this tour, you will be transported to the nearest medical facility which can treat the issue regardless of your medical insurance coverage.

If by chance treatment requires more than the current day, it will be your responsibility to rejoin the tour.

Should I get trip insurance?

Because our cancellation policy does not allow for refunds of any kind after December 31, it is STRONGLY SUGGESTED to purchase trip insurance, which covers “cancel for any reason”.

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